Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the largest city in the southern hemisphere, often referred to as the Paris of the South, and with good reason. Just a quick sampling of some of the sights we took in; directly above is the outside of the Recoleta cemetery (spire top right and tiled dome mid-right), where a large open market takes place. We saw a slack-line set up between two palm trees, at a height of 20 ft. Directly right is one example of the many public works of art; the flower opens at sunrise and closes at sunset- here it has just closed it’s petals as the sun sinks. Dani is in front of the trunk of the largest tree that I have ever seen; the same tree can be seen on the very bottom of the screen, taking up a full city block. There were several such trees, all over 200 years old; the Dani is next to has a cat on the right side of the trunk if you look closely.
Friday, September 26, 2008
Argentina Part One
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