Boulder Canyon
There has been a lack of updates recently, in part because of a lack of sending. That’s not to say that there has not been climbing; just more trying and less succeeding. It gets hard to get motivated to post attempts and failures, but the post need to continue regardless of success for two reasons. First, it helps with motivation, showing and imprinting projects that have been attempted and need to be revisited, rather then let the said failures fade out of memory, never to be revisited and turned into victories. The second reason to continue posting is the benefit of communal knowledge, public disclosure. The pictures featured for this entry are of a problem named ‘Midnight Frightening’, which hovers somewhere around V14. The exact grade is hard to determine because as of press time, the boulder has only seen 3-4 assents, but Ty Landman and Daniel Woods both seem to agree on the grade. Needless to say, I am not among the 3-4 assents, and nor will I be for quite some time, as V14 is a full four grades harder the hardest climb that I have sent. So why spend any time or energy on Midnight Frightening? Put simply, because the climb is gorgeous; one of the most appealing lines in the front range. Brutally hard, but amazingly aesthetic. The line is across from Country Club Crack (FA Roger Briggs, my high school physics teacher), and the crux is right off the ground, getting easier as you progress upwards. I may take Daniel's advice and work this from the top down; the stand looks good and a fair bit easier.
Friday, June 6, 2008
Midnight Frightening
The stellar crux undercling...
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